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Born : 21 JUN 1976, Kadur, Dist-Haveri.
Qualification : Art Master Diploma, Diploma in Fine Art (AM GD ART) Fine Art College, Rattihalli.
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The possibilities for innovation and creativity in the field of art are endless. Ever since the humanity blessed with ability to think, they have been striving hard to look beyond the horizon in quest of unknown. Art world is not an exception especially in a place like India where ancient civilisation, heritage enriched by its diverse culture, tradition, customs and religion. It provides boundless opportunities for the artistic eye.

There has been everlasting endeavour to capture this richness by many in various art forms. Having born amid this richness and abundance, I have obviously incorporated these essences in my art work. Through my artistic vision, I have attempted to depict rural culture of India with a hope of preventing it from going into oblivion or rejuvenate if it is perishing.

In addition to following the path laid by our art gurus, I strongly believe that every artist should have his/her own identity, creativity and social concern. I specialise in Acrylic painting on Canvas Media. Majority of my artwork reflects the day to day life, custom and culture of rural folk of India with a special focus on Karnataka (one of the states in southern India) where I born and brought-up. The primary theme of my paintings prominently visible and the background gradually leads towards the invisible. Finally it appears that there is a harmonious interplay of visible with invisible leading to infinity. Over a period of time I have cultivated my own unique techniques of brush stroke and knife stroke which have paved way for speed and rhythm eventually merged in harmony. Use of vibrant colours is an attempt to truly reflect the original nature of the subject.

In summary I have put my sincere effort to showcase the exuberant and glory of rich diverse Indian rural culture through my artistic eye.


A view of Culture through artistic Eye

India is having history of several years and has distinct tradition with all its states having their own cultural identity, thereby exploring their unity in diversity. Since ages, the artists have been endured to sketch the essence of rich tradition in their art but still this urge is not over. The possibilities of new vistas of newel art forms are still emerging like perennial streams.

Likewise, Karnataka artist Kariyappa Hanchinamani too is engaged in the same line of art with serious note. According to beauty scientist Coleridge opines, a creative artist works always give new definition to scenes of primary imaginations.

Here Mr. Kariyappa works have proved this remark. The effort of this artist to see them through his camera is unique. He has sketched and painted the cultural diversity of India with special impetus to Karnataka in his own style. It is obvious to note that his unique style is prominently noticed in his Acrylic on canvas paintings like Kambala (rural buffalo race in mud court) Bharat Natya and Kathakali dance forms. The premier part of his art retrieves fisheye lens of camera and style of carving the other part of the portrait, where the vision blurs slowly and immerses at the end of the painting edge. This artistic technique appears to be very special in his paintings.


In his works, the prime part of the painting appears visible but background gradually leads towards invisible. Ultimately it appears that there is a harmonious musical interplay between visibility and invisibility. The artist has attained distinction by using such several techniques with appropriate color to make the painting an eye catcher without using color in abundance. He has used is brush and knife strokes appropriately according to the area of the painting. While doing panting, the strike of his brush has paved the way for speed and rhythm ultimately merged in harmony.

However the artist Mr Kariyappa has done full justice to his art while selecting subjects for his paintings. Those who have not at all seen the actual subject in the painting, can find and realistic the true essence of it in his paintings. The series of art works displayed gives feast to the eyes and at the same time, they explore the rural culture of Karnataka to the viewers. Totally, his paintings reflects the exuberance and glory both intertwined and give new look to the entire paintings.

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